Zendesk Shares Keys to Creating an Outrageously Successful Brand Publication — Content Marketing Institute

Editor’s note: Monica Norton is a finalist for 2017 Content Marketer of the Year. We will be sharing insight from all CMY finalists in the blog before the winner is announced at Content Marketing World this September. Many brands struggle to stay out of the spotlight in their content. They begin with good intentions to…

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5 Most Unintentionally Successful Social Media Marketing Campaigns Ever — Social Media Marketing

There’s no place like the internet. Stars are made every day, weird trends take the world by storm and everything can become viral seemingly out of …

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Questions to ask before starting Marketing for an innovative product

Marketing is a most important tool for launching a new product than the existing product because you don’t want the product to be  misinterpreted by the target customers. Marketing is the only channel by which companies interact the product with the customers. So it is important for the marketers to lead the campaign and achieve growth and success.

There are certain questions that the company should ask before planning the marketing of the new product

  1. Where are the target customers ?
  2. What would be the best channel to promote the products?
  3. What would be proportion of online and offline marketing ?
  4. How much should be spent on marketing ?
  5. What will be the product acceptability ratio ?
  6. What is the touch points of the target customers ?
  7. Will there be any culture hurdles for marketing ?
  8. What is the Plan B, C, D ….. ?
  9. How quickly the marketing team will adapt to the changes needed for the situation?
  10. How to handle customers misinterpretation ?

By asking this question, one can prepare a successful marketing plan for the launch of the new product. These questions will answer all the aspects of hurdles that will come in the pathway of marketing.

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How to Find Out Why Google Hates Your Content (And Steps to Fix It) — Content Marketing Institute

You’ve written an article. It’s good, but it’s not delivering any results. Despite targeting a seemingly easy keyword, the content is nowhere near page one in Google search results. I was in the same spot a little bit ago after writing a lengthy article on “trade marketing,” a broad subject area with lots of searches.…

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What can Indian IT companies can do in future

Indian IT industry has been the backbone of the Indian economy as it provides revenue and jobs to the Indian professionals. One of the important driver in the service industry. The main revenue generators for this IT companies are from North America and Europe. IT companies hit the slowdown during the Global Recession in 2008 and in 2017 these companies are facing many challenges coming in the pathway of success and directly it is going to affect the employees of the companies. Time after time these companies will face the challenges and there will always worry of sustainability. Why suffer ? Is there any chances by which the uncertainty can be stabilized ?

Few sectors that I believe that these companies can explore opportunities in India and abroad and reduce the fluctuation over the time.

  • Robotics- No great things have started in India. Complete new dimension can be added if this industry is focused.
  • Gaming- India is an untouched market of gaming industry. One can thing of investing money in the industry.
  • In expensive ERP solution- Businesses in India is looking forward ERP solution at an affordable price.
  • Technology in Manufacturing- This is a niche market and one can dominate this technology.
  • Social entrepreneurship- Lot of opportunity of adding value to the society.
  • Space technology- One can think of start investing on the space technology.
  • Education- Indian students require high technology transfer from the industry. One can start new innovative teaching techniques to the students.
  • Artificial technology- Industry needs a front-runner of artificial technology to take the business model to the new level.
  • Tourism- Requires huge support from the big corporates to open the potential in the industry.

Companies like Google are having tie-up with the government to bring technology transfer for the betterment of the people. So why we are behind ?

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Future of B2B Business

B2B businesses are bringing in new ways in doing business with their customers. Product talks more in B2B scenario. This posts will talk about the future of such businesses. There are certain points that I have considered for discussing this posts. Product of the company is commodity and the vendors network is across the globe.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to be the important tool in future that will give competitive edge in the business. Companies would have AI of the vendors, time of delivery, documentation and the prices of the commodities tracked with the live market price available of the target market. The proper synchronization of all the parameters mentioned above would result in the purchase of the goods from the right vendor.

Let’s take an example that the B2B business between Juice maker and fruit pulp supplier. Now there is a need of orange pulp. The Purchase Manager inputs the data of the requirement along with the time required. The AI software would suggest the vendor which gives the relevant vendor details who will deliver at the right time and offer at a competitive price. Within a click of a button, the order is placed to the vendor for the order.

This method would definitely increase the efficiency of the purchase of the products from the vendor. The algorithm would be fed with the data inputs from the vendor and the time required for the execution of the order. Such type of AI would help in saving cost to the company and invest more on other activities of the companies.

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Essential ingredient of a Start-up

The Buzzword in India growth story- Start-Up.

  • Daily hundreds of registrations are made for start-up companies in India.
  • Everyday an entrepreneur is created.
  • Everyday a new competitor is added to the industry.
  • Everyday venture capitalists invest money in start-up.
  • Everyday a new success story is written, but the failure story is written at a faster way.
  • Only 1% of the start-up is able to run the business after 1 year of completion.

We read so many stories of start-up stories, viewpoints, growth, de-growth and so on. But there is one ingredient missing in almost 99.8% of the stories. Any guess ?

Theoretically the main objective of the business is to generate revenue for the company. But along with that the entrepreneurs are forgetting that there is another responsibility to the society. What is that one thing that is being done that adds value to the people around you or around the world (I am not talking monetary benefits).

Most of the stories of the entrepreneurs are that they have understood the demand gap of the market and they have converted the problem into a business model. But what is that value which is being channelized to the people without any benefit.

This is where the companies is lacking in sustainability. Companies should make it mandatory for employees to give back some value to the society with no intention of getting back anything. Growth, sales, people, strategy are all games to be played for moving forward but value should be added to the society.

Sharing you one of the example: This story dates back in British rule in India. British government had imposed additional tax on the fodder for cattle. This affected the animal husbandry industry. Shri Jamshedji Tata brought a land from the government and allowed cattle owners to feed their cattle in the place. The name of Tata Group is continuing in the third generation and it is one of the well known brand in the world.

So giving back to the society where you live-in will add value to yourself as well as the company sustenance. So start adding value to people around you.

My name is Sisir Ghosh and I am marketing by profession. I would like to listen from you any inputs regarding my posts. You can also email me at sisir9788@hotmail.com


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