Questions to ask before starting Marketing for an innovative product

Marketing is a most important tool for launching a new product than the existing product because you don’t want the product to be  misinterpreted by the target customers. Marketing is the only channel by which companies interact the product with the customers. So it is important for the marketers to lead the campaign and achieve growth and success.

There are certain questions that the company should ask before planning the marketing of the new product

  1. Where are the target customers ?
  2. What would be the best channel to promote the products?
  3. What would be proportion of online and offline marketing ?
  4. How much should be spent on marketing ?
  5. What will be the product acceptability ratio ?
  6. What is the touch points of the target customers ?
  7. Will there be any culture hurdles for marketing ?
  8. What is the Plan B, C, D ….. ?
  9. How quickly the marketing team will adapt to the changes needed for the situation?
  10. How to handle customers misinterpretation ?

By asking this question, one can prepare a successful marketing plan for the launch of the new product. These questions will answer all the aspects of hurdles that will come in the pathway of marketing.

My name is Sisir Ghosh and I am marketing by profession. I would like to listen to you any addition comments on the post. You can also email me at



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